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Thirty-four (34) free articles written by Los Angeles securities/entertainment attorney John W. Cones relating to film finance and/or distribution.

Reg. D, Rule 506 (c) Final Rules
Financing a Feature Film From the Ground UpNarrative discussion of various film financing options.
The Five Most Common Film Finance/Distribution ScenariosDescription of the five most common combinations of film finance method with distribution arrangements traditionally used in the film industry.
Business Plans or Securities Disclosure DocumentsA discussion about when it is appropriate to use a business plan to raise money from investors and when it is necessary to use a securities disclosure document.
Indie Film Business PlansA description of the contents of a business plan being used to raise money from a few active investors.
Indie Film Securities OfferingsA general discussion relating to what is involved in conducting a securities offering to passive investors for a film project.
Internet Film OfferingsA discussion of proper methods for conducting a securities offering online.
Survey of Investor Financing of Indie Film ProjectsDescription of the various strategies independent filmmakers may employ as they utilize investor financing to enhance their chances for getting their vision on the screen.
An Overview of Indie Film FinanceDiscussion of the various ways independent films are financed.
Contingent Promissory Notes as a Film Finance MethodAre Filmmakers Being Misled? – Explanation relating to why contingent promissory notes are securities and therefore impose securities compliance obligations on filmmakers.
Film Finance Sources and DocumentationDiscussion of the three forms of documentation with which a filmmaker approaches the various existing sources of film finance.
Financial Projections for Film ProjectsDiscussion of the SEC’s policy with regard to the preparation of financial projections as applied to film offerings.
Keys to Finding Prospective InvestorsA discussion of 12 reasons why investors may choose to invest in an independent film project.
Manager-Managed Limited Liability CompanyDiscussion of the manager-managed LLC as an investment vehicle for raising investor funds to produce a feature film (excerpted from the books “43 Ways to Finance a Feature Film”).
NASAA’s Model Accredited Investor ExemptionNASAA’s Model Accredited Investor Exemption – Discussion of the state exemption for use with offerings to accredited investors only for not more than $1,000,000 (excerpted from “43 Ways to Finance Your Feature Film”).
Who Really Represents the Independent Film ProducersA discussion of what organizations purport to represent independent film producers and problems with each.
JOBS Act Relaxes General Solicitation Restrictions for Regulation D, Rule 506 Offerings
Funding Portal Requirements Under the New Crowdfunding Law
Why Filmmakers Should Register Their Scripts With the U.S. Copyright Office
When You Don't Need a Business Plan
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