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Film Finance Forum

A question and answer forum hosted by practicing securities/entertainment attorney, John W. Cones, devoted to answering general questions relating to investor financing of the development, production and/or distribution of independent film projects or multiple-film packages.


The posting of questions on this site is specifically made under the assumption that no legal advice is being sought and that no legal advice is being given, and further that no attempt is being made to establish an attorney-client relationship and no such relationship is being established. In his securities law practice, Mr. Cones generally works for clients on a flat fee basis per project, not on an hourly-fee basis and does not agree to represent a client without a written engagement letter. The answers provided here merely represent a general discussion of an issue, an extension of the discussion already provided by Mr. Cones’ lectures on film finance and his books “A Dictionary of Film Finance and Distribution”, “43 Ways to Finance Your Feature Film” and “The Feature Film Distribution Deal”. In all instances, anyone posting a question on this site, by that act, accepts the limitations described above and agrees that to the extent they desire specific legal advice, they will seek such advice from an attorney familiar with such issues, an attorney who has an opportunity to ask questions and to investigate the specific situation and an attorney licensed in their own state of residence. It is therefore not reasonable for anyone posting questions on this site to believe that by doing so, they have established an attorney-client relationship with Mr. Cones.

Visitors are encouraged to review some of the more recent archived questions and answers so as to avoid duplicating material already presented.

 Please do not post any solicitations for funding on this forum. Such solicitations will be deleted.