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An Overview of Film Finance

There are so many different ways to finance one or more feature or feature-length documentary films, that it is extremely important for independent producers to focus their efforts on those forms of film finance that are most likely to produce favorable results for their current project. Without this focus of time and effort, the film […]

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When You Don’t Need a Business Plan

In film finance situations, it is common for independent filmmakers here in the U.S. to get the advice that they need a business plan. Aside from situations where putting your ideas on paper may be helpful for planning the future of any business, or helpful in obtaining a collateral-based bank loan, when filmmakers are looking […]

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JOBS Act Relaxes General Solicitation Restrictions for Regulation D, Rule 506 Offerings

JOBS Act (HR 3606) Title II – Removing General Solicitation Prohibition from Certain Reg. D, Rule 506 Offerings SEC must promulgate rules General solicitation and advertising restrictions do not apply to offerings conducted pursuant to Rule 506 under Regulation D, provided that the issuer takes reasonable steps to verify that each ultimate purchaser is an […]

Who Really Represents the Independent Feature Film Producers?

The following article has been written for the purpose of stimulating discussion of an important issue for independent film producers. It first provides an overview of association management generally, and then provides a critical review of the various currently existing film industry organizations purportedly representing the interests of independent film producers in today’s marketplace. It […]

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NASAA’s Model Accredited Investor Exemption

In January of 1997, NASAA encouraged all states to adopt rules similar to, but simpler than, the one adopted in California. Though many states have now adopted legislation to allow those businesses trying to raise funds to “advertise”, most of the states promulgated laws limit sales to “Accredited” as opposed to the “Qualified Investors” as […]

Keys to Finding Prospective Investors

The key factor that helps independent feature film producers in finding investors or other individuals who may help find investors is investor motivation. First do some brainstorming with your associates regarding what might motivate anyone with money to invest some of it in your high risk venture. There may be others besides those listed below […]

Financial Projections for Film Projects

Financial projections are estimates of the future economic performance of a proposed business or venture. Financial projections are not required for investor offerings for film projects regardless of whether the selected investment vehicle involves the sale of a security or not. However, investors seem to prefer that a presentation of financial projections accompany whatever documentation […]